Posted on: February 4, 2008 9:12 pm

08 FA Safeties


      1.)    Ken Hamlin, S, Cowboys, 6’2”, 27 years old

§         Hamlin is a great FS.  He has great speed and coverage ability; a natural ballhawk.  He is also a vocal leader, getting the secondary lined up before the play begins.  He is a hard hitter with good tackling technique.  He can play both safety positions, but is better suited to play FS.  As a hard hitting safety with outstanding range, Hamlin is the top safety in FA.  Oh yeah, he is also a perfect fit for Cover 2.

2.)    Madieu Williams, S, Bengals, 6’1”, 26

§         He is on the Bengals defense, so how good can he really be, right?  But really, he was one of the Bengals best defensive players.  He is a solid tackler and has a nose for the ball.  He has plus speed and good knowledge of the game.  He can play both free and strong safety positions, and is a very good player.  He may be the Bears best option at safety if they miss out on Hamlin.

3.)    Eugene Wilson, FS, Patriots, 5’10”, 27

§         <st1:city><st1:place>Wilson</st1:place></st1:city> is a good vocal leader that has the ability to play both FS and CB.  He is very good in coverage and has good speed to catch a receiver that gets behind him.  He is a decent tackler, but won’t “wow” anyone with big hits.  He did fall out of favor with the Patriots in '07, so he will not return in '08.  He is a solid FS, not a standout player.

4.)    Gibril Wilson, S, Giants, 6’0”, 26

§         Gibril is a solid tackler, but needs to improve his coverage ability.  Over his career he has improved, but he still has too many lapses in coverage.  He increased his value in the Super Bowl after helping keep the Patriots to 14 points.  He is an upgrade at safety position, but he is not the sole answer to our safety problems.

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