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Posted on: February 4, 2008 8:49 pm

08 FA Wide Receivers

Wide Receiver

     1.)    Bernard Berrian, Bears, 6’1”, 27

§         Berrian is a very inconsistent receiver.  He busted onto the scene in ’05 when Rex Grossman became the starter, and he greatly improved in ’06.  In ’07, he showed signs of greatness, but he also dropped a lot of passes and gave up on routes (which lead to INTs).  He has great speed and is a huge playmaker, but he needs to become more consistent.

2.)    Bryant Johnson, Cardinals, 6’3”, 26

§         Johnson isn’t a burner, more of a possession receiver. He is a big, strong receiver that runs good routes.  He does have some problems with dropped passes, because he is thinking too much about the run after the catch.  He has the ability to become a great #2 receiver, he just needs to see more time on the field.

3.)    Andre Davis, Texans, 6’1”, 28

§         <st1:city><st1:place>Davis</st1:place></st1:city> has great straight line speed, but he is not a spectacular receiver.  He is good to stretch the field, but is not willing to go across the middle of the field.  He has very good hands, but needs to become more versatile in his routes.

4.)    Jerry Porter, Raiders, 6’2”, 29

§         Porter is a playmaker.  He also needs an attitude adjustment.  He sat out ’06 because of a dispute with the Raiders staff.  His talent has not been properly used by the Raiders, just like Moss’s wasn’t.  Either that or he just plays when he wants to.  He has great size, speed and playmaking ability.  He may be a steal if he comes at the right price.

5.)    Keary Colbert, Panthers, 6’1”, 25

§         A quick, young receiver that doesn’t stand out.  He does all the small things right, but nothing exceptional.  He has only average size and speed, but is a consistent target.  He is a smart receiver that will find holes in the secondary, but will also disappear against bigger physical corners.

6.)    DJ Hackett, Seahawks, 6’2”, 25

§         Hackett is a good size receiver with good speed, but he drops many easy passes.  He lacks the concentration and hands to become a dependable receiver in the NFL.  He has benefited from <st1:city><st1:place>Seattle</st1:place></st1:city>’s pass happy offense.

7.)    Devery Henderson, Saints, 5’11”, 25

§         An undersized WR with a lot of speed.  He can really stretch the field, but that’s about it.  He is not a great route runner and he will drop a few passes.

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