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Posted on: February 5, 2008 9:27 am
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08 FA Offensive Line - Guards


1.)    Jake Scott, RG, Colts, 26

§         Scott has started almost every game in his career, and for the Colts, whom have one of the best OL in the NFL.  He is very young and has great talent.  He will only get better as he gets older.  He has great field awareness, as well as a good explosion after the snap.  He does need to develop a little more strength, but he can develop into an into guard that can bolster an OL for years to come.

2.)    Ryan Lilja, LG, Colts, 26

§         Lilja is another starting guard for the Colts.  He is a solid guard, but is better in pass protection than run blocking.  He needs to add more strength and develop a mean streak in order to develop into a star.

3.)    Maurice Williams, RG, Jaguars, 29

§         Maurice can play both Guard and Tackle, but he has been a much OL since being moved to G.  He has long, strong arms that he uses well in pass protection, and he has good explosion and strength to drive defenders back in the run game.  He will develop into a top guard.

4.)    Alan Faneca, LG, Steelers, 31

§         Faneca is an elite guard, but he is also an older guard.  The Bears NEED to get YOUNGER on the OL.  OL do have a long shelf life, so it is possible he will be an elite starter for the next 3 years, and then a solid starter for the next 3.  He is the best guard on the market, but his age hinders his appeal.

5.)    Floyd Womack, G, Seahawks, 29

§         Womack is a very versatile player that can play every position on the OL.  He does lack the speed and quickness to play Tackle, and thus is best suited to play guard.  He can hold his own well and is strong enough to get a good push at the line of scrimmage.  He is a solid veteran guard, not an elite starter.

6.)    Keydrick Vincent, G, Cardinals, 29

§         Vincent is a massive guard, but he lacks great strength and explosiveness.  He does play hard until the whistle, and never gives up on his blocks, but he will make a few mental mistakes a game.  He has had a history of injuries, so that is a big concern, and he is more of a space-filler than a blocker.

7.)    Ruben Brown, LG, Bears, 35

§         When healthy, Ruben Brown is one of the game top Guards.  Last year he showed he was getting old, either that or he was injured all season.  The Bears like the guy, so I could see them resigning him if he is willing to give us a hometown discount.  But again, the Bears NEED to get younger on the OL.  But Brown can provide some great veteran leadership, and assist coach the young guys.

Posted on: January 30, 2008 12:16 pm
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